SweetMsBehavin (sweetmsbehavin) wrote in my_fish,


HI all , i  am a newbie here, there is a list on my profile of all my tanks and fish, i am so glad to see communities like this.

have the following fish tanks 10 gal with gold fish, guppies and a male beta named Rainbow(Dani's tank), 10 gal with baby parrot fish , a 20 gal of Goldfish and a pico and a snail, 30 gal that is golds and guppies, 2 pico's and 2 snails, 40 gal with Zebra Danio's, Spotted Danio's, rainbow danio's, black tetras, 2 snails, and a pico, and our new 90 gl that we are still trying to find out what all was giving to us in it , we know there is a pair of white parrot fish,black shark, 3 huge pico's,a orange swordfish, a  puffer, a huge gold, red crab, fiddler crab, 4 snails, a beautiful yellow stripped angel, 3 red barbs, a red eyed barb, a painted glass fish(orange), and other fish i am trying to find out what they are. We also have a 27 gal octagon tank we will be setting up soon.
So are you can see i may need help with lots of things   Thanks in advance !
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